Capital Cup


Capital Cup is a transnational long distance regatta series for eights.

It was invented in 2015 to strengthen the relationship and cultural exchange between countries of middle and eastern Europe.

The hosts of Capital Cup are Croatia/Zagreb, Hungary/Budapest, and Austria/Vienna.

From season 2017/18 onwards the Czech Republic will join the series as a fourth destination with the "Head of Prague" regatta.

In the first full season 2015/16 100 eights from hosting and neighbouring nations participated in the three regattas.


Tour dates 2016/17:


Part 1 - Zagreb "Eights on Sava": November 5th, 2016

Distance 4.000m, track goes upstream the Sava river, finish line at the rowing club Mladost


Teil 2 - Budapest "Budapest Cup Regatta": 1. April 2017

Distance 4.500m, track goes downstream the Danube river, finish line at the Margret island


Teil 3 - Wien "wienerachter": 13. Mai 2017

Distance 6.000m, track goes downstream the Danube canal, finish line in the city centre at the "Urania" observatory

The winner of the Capital Cup takes the massive trophy home for one year, the name of the team will be engraved in the cup.

The regatta tracks on the rivers Sava, Danube and Moldova attractively head to the centres of the metropoles.

Find the rules here.